i have some happy news, this little blog of mine is moving

it's time to go onto bigger and better things.

please please please update your bookmarks!!!

please please please visit me at my new blog

just add /blog to my photography website and you will find the new location!

thank you so much for your continued support of my photography and blog




{felt food}

good news! felt food is now available on my etsy
every piece is hand stitched, hand sewn, and nothing is glued.
what a wonderful addition to a child's play kitchen


a favorite picture form our trip

have a great weekend!


{val & ryan}

bling bling
hello fun bridesmaids :-)
ready to get married? thumbs up.
my favorite. such an awesome moment.

val was the most relaxed bride, she made taking pictures easy & stress free
they had a string of most unfortunate events leading up to their wedding including a car accident, flowers being left outside and destroyed by dogs, the cake maker backing out, & a birthday party claiming rights to the shelter where they planned to get married at...yet they were still cool and relaxed. that's pretty much amazing.

thanks val & ryan for letting us be apart of your day



my favorite.

love this.

location: sydney, canada

this was a very small town with not much to do
coming out on this dock was the boys idea - i didn't trust it because it was old and abandoned..
but we didn't fall in, so that's good.
with nothing else to do we decided to take pictures.
love these.


tweet tweet

a little birdie decided to make a nest at our house...
on our front door wreath!
it was hardly noticeable until the momma got really made when you opened the door
it was also really hard to take pictures of the pretty little legs because it was up so high
i saw the moment when all the birds flew away from the nest..i may or may not have scared them (they scared me too) ... they were rather big so i bet they are gone for good now.

(wreath made by my mom)