Fall Is Coming...

Summer is sadly coming to an end...I love fall though. It is definitely my favorite time of year. Snapshots from a craft show in Plymouth, Indiana this past weekend.


Back to the Books

explore literature, originally uploaded by Lindsey Wagner.

Classes start today. No more summer time freedom.


Your Words...

I've been blogging for a few days over 8 months. Time goes fast, does it not? I love to think up fun things to write about but am really saddened by the fact that only one person has ever commented on my blog. Does this mean nobody reads it? Your words are important to me...


Living wtih the Past

What happened to selling silver plated combs and mirrors?

Love this glass bottle of powder! How can we even compare the plastic bottles on store shelves today next to this precious little glass jars. Such love in the details.

A little metal tin of powder... why can't we buy things like this today? Instead we get big plastic green or blue cases. It's just not the same. Love the past.


Finding Balance

Doesn't it always seem that balance is such a hard thing to find in life? As the start of school approaches and lifestyles pick up, I hope that a balance will be maintained. Too often the extras are pushed from our life to make way for more "important and pressing" matters. Here's to fall and finding a balance of work and play.


Shop Update!

Some pretty new items recently added to my shop. Check them out here:


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