The Morrissey Family

First family shoot I've done. :)


monkey see, monkey do



daddy's girl





i wish for this

I LOVE this necklace. It's from the store, the Vintage Pearl.
I love everything she makes! This is not for sale anymore though. :(
Check out her etsy shop here!


{mini mondays}

The base of the square pages are coasters I have saved from restaurants.
I didn't want every page to be the same size or shape so lots of the pages are different.


{scrap sunday}

I keep everything... so my scraps contain a variety of items that I have gathered over time and have just been waiting to find a perfect use for this.



Wire wrapping is awesome. It takes so much longer to make a necklace but I always love the result!



Zach & Ashley

Can't believe I talked my brother into taking these shots...
loved the way they turned out!
We just walked around downtown till we saw something cool.
Love the Results!


I've been doing lots of shooting lately.
This shot is of Megan.
Edited using Totally Rad Actions.
Can't wait to get my new 50 mm lens in!

(click the photo to see it large)


Dress Up You Hair

Make your hair stand out in a crowd with these gorgeous flowers.
One of a kind with a vintage center.
Recycled glamor.
Now on Sale.


hello summer

Hello summer. I have been waiting for you to come for months now. So much rain has spoiled much of June, but finally the temperatures have began to climb. Personally I love summer time. Seeing the cute toddlers at the water park, the lightening bugs at night, days that seem to last forever, and the of course a good excuse to eat ice cream. Happy Summer!


a few of my favorite things

This photograph captures so much of what I am loving right now.
Vintage Mirrors.
Alphabet letters & text.


Happy Mother's Day

Made this for my mom for Mother's Day. The pictures were from Christmas, but I actually liked them better cut up and individual. Looked less posy that way since I didn't really like how they turned out. :-/

Happy Mother's Day Moms!



Been cleaning.
Been finishing up school. (YAY!)
Been snapping up some photos.
Been creating.


Feet on the Dashboard..

Where has the sun gone?
Too much rain here lately.


capturing smiles


signs of spring


Canon EOS 50D

Bought my first Digital SLR camera last night! A Canon EOS 50D!! I cannot wait for it to come in the mail..this week is going to go by so slow just waiting. I have been researching a lot about photography and how to take better pictures. Would love to have a photography business, especially capturing children and weddings. I could look at photos all day! :-)


new necklace

I'm probably the worst ever at blogging. It's just one extra thing I can never seem to find the time to fit in... but last weekend I made some new necklaces. I wanted to try wire wrapping and needed a pink and blank necklace. I wear a long necklace like this almost everyday, so different ones are a necessity. :)


Happy Valetine's Day

May your day be filled with love.


All Wrapped up!

You know what I am absolutely in love with..scarves. They are everywhere! Dressed up to go outside or wearing them as part of your outfit. What I am not in love with, is the price tag. So I am making my own and decided to sell some of them in my shop. I searched for "fashion Scarves" but didn't come up with much in Etsy except chunky knits and hand painted silks. Plus to make mine extra special I added a fabulous little pin to them. One of a kind. :)