{happy birthday}

happy birthday the boy's sister megan. (told you i was stuck on squares)

yes we both have sisters named megans. my brothers fiance has a sister named lindsey. its not confusing at all.
each month i give the boy at least one card.

(i missed the month we were in wyoming)

its kind of silly

he keeps them all in a plastic bag. it's cute.

this was number 5...as the tape measure segment indicates.

i'm kind of stuck on squares lately.

wishing i had more time to create...

{on my desk}

snapshot of my desk ..when its clean. the rock is one i saved from one of our camping trips.


last saturday my mom and i had a booth at the Apple Popcorn Festival in Brookston, IN

we had a good turn out

my mom painted faces while i ran the booth

our flower hair clips/pins were a big hit

she painted 65 kid's faces...

that's a lot of face painting

we lucky missed the rain and had a good day

such a great festival for such a small little town


i like this boy so much i will go watch soccer for hours and not even understand it. ;-)


{in love}

fossil is an amazing store.

i always love their jewelry.

i have always loved charm bracelets as well...

i collect charms each place i travel as "souvenirs" of the trips. (some places, like Costa Rica, it has been very challenging trying to find a charm)

i need to start another one because my first can't hold any more charms.

this is a good thing.

maybe i will post a picture of it... i will try to remember....

which is why i am totally in love with this new line of charms/charm bracelets they are carrying.

they are all pretty amazing.

check them out here. it's hard to pick a favorite.

you will love them too i'm sure.

happy friday.


{birthday boys}

aren't these boys the cutest?

i miss them already

both of them have birthdays in August/September so I made these birthday cards for them

i told them i would write them a letter when i got home,

i should probably do that soon

i'm probably just as excited as they are about it.


{snapshots of the west}




i do some odd things

like collecting cans..

i've actually done this my whole life

and collecting those 3 dollars you save and save the cans for is pretty awesome..when you are 5.

actually its still pretty cool at 22...

it really does takes a lot more work than you actually get for it...

but it also makes the roads less trashy since i walk/bike and pick them up from the country

roads.. (and let me just say an alarming amount of them are beer cans..)

recently the boy has helped me gather cans

(he may be even more into it than me)

but this obsession has recently been taken to new levels with my new can crusher

this thing is awesome. i can fit way more into a bag & they take up soooooo much less space

i wish i had this sooner!

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