Just wanted to take a few shots to show you what has been happening around here. A new bulletin board now holds all my finished jewelry just waiting to be shipped to a new home. Check out my Etsy shop to see those pieces up close!!

My newest bracelet, just waiting for a clasp to finish it.

Beautifully inspiring vintage religious metals.

Been trying to learn to solder lately. My first three attempts. The hardest part is adding the loop at the top. So much fun though!

Today is just about creating. Haven't had a day like this in a long time...


I believe in looking at the positive side of things. In living a good life. I believe in old vintage bikes with flowers and seeing two people truly in love. I believe in keep random journals and the power of inspiration. I believe in not reading history, and instead living for the future. I believe in re-creating, re-discovering, & re-loving. I believe in making your own path. I believe when doors close, windows open. I believe in doing things that scare you. I believe in love and the power of kindness. I believe in remembering, recording, & never forgetting. The importance of thank you's and the value of kisses. I believe in second chances, but never looking back. I believe in the power of never losing hope. I believe that opportunity is everywhere. I believe it's possible to miss some one so much it hurts, long distance love, and handwritten letters. I believe in the power of looking forward & holding on. I believe in happy endings.
I believe that life is good.


Thoughts for the Day..

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


God Bless America

Happy 4th of July from Nashville, Indiana. We took a little trip to visit the shops and smell the pretty flowers. Surprisingly not much a crowd today and many of the shops are for rent and sitting empty. I still managed to capture some fun snap shots.

LOVE old bikes with flowers!

Hope you are having a wonderful and safe weekend. America is 232 years old today!


Meet Roxy

My new wheels! Isn't she gorgeous?

We has a little photo shoot in the wheat field.

My beautiful sister.

She loves Roxy too, and she makes her look good!

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