{what i wore wednesday}

linking up with the pleated poppy for a what i wore wednesday post

shirt - target
sweater - old navy
jeans - old navy
belt - came with a shirt from jc penny

happy wednesday!


{more mackenize}

in case you missed it...
i posted pictures on facebook & flickr of kinzie but i never showed the blogging world
more pictures of this little cutie.


P.S. the boy helped with this photoshoot and gets credit for 2 of the above images

P.P.S. i'm working on a little branding update again - still searching for something i'm in LOVE with - just not there yet..


{sunday well wishes}

hope you are enjoying your sunday. :-)


{spring break}

mostly my spring break was full of babysitting but i also managed to..

make a trip to the best scrapbook store
go on walks with my mom, picking up cans & getting $13! (yay)
work on creating 220 little tiny chairs for my senior project
a visit to the cheesecake factory and regret giving up chocolate for Lent and settling on strawberry
do some jogging - and getting my old ipod to hold a charge again somehow (yay!)
visit forever 21 to buy cheap jewelry of course


{little notes}

i gathered up some little notebooks i had laying around
they had companies names on them from conferences i've attended
boring right?
so i gathered up some scraps i had laying around and gave them a new look
perfect for keeping in your purse


{time traveler's wife}

i've wanted to read this book for a long time
it looked so good & i wanted to see the movie
(yes i judge which books i read on their covers- this one has an excellent cover)
but i knew i had to read the boo before i could see the movie
(books are ALWAYS better..by far)
i don't like purchasing books because i hate to read the same story twice...

overall it was a little disappointing but it was still a pretty good story
kind of confusing at times - lots of jumping back and forth
i was left wishing certain parts were clearer
i just thought i'd love the book but didn't

i am excited to see the movie now though
perhaps it was clear some things up for me
(although i have heard bad reviews)


{what i wore wednesday}

my mom made me this fabulous belt
actually she made one for herself and i begged her to make one for me too :)
the jewel? a re-purposed earring (which is why i can have one just like hers)
i would never wear earrings like that...but one a belt? you bet!
another Vera inspired creation perhaps?
i love ruffles


{birthday legos}

my favorite 3 year old turned 4 last weekend
he is the quietest, calmest little boy i know
he loves legos, so naturally i had to get him some for his birthday
i might actually enjoy playing with legos more now than i did when i was little
i'm in love with these pictures


{arts & crafts}

i've been trying to think of craft projects i can do to entertain the kids i babysit for
i saw this idea originally on the pleated poppy blog
it was super easy to do and the perfect activity to entertain a 6 year old
i printed out the intial for her name, B, by just google searching a "b"
then i gathered up fabric scraps in bright colors
brought some glue and scissors and let her cut it all up into a collage
i was using things i already had around the house, so i brought some old file folders
cut off one side and used it as a bright background to support it
the two year old wasn't very interested in doing his, so i made one for him

it got a little messy but it was lots of fun



more shots from my first newborn shoot with Kenzie coming soon.


{saying thanks}

thank you notes i designed customized for each client with pictures from their session
(because nobody sends thank you notes anymore & i'm a big fan of them)
i printed them at home using the printer and paper below.
i'm not a fan of printing things at home, especially pictures, but i was impressed with this printer
it by no means replaces having your prints professionally printed.
i love snapfish for their matte finish that you can't get at walmart and walgreens
i really dislike glossy photos.

the photo on the left was printed at home
and the photo at right is matte printed from snapfish
i still like the one on the right better, but i guess i could be okay with printing some at home
my main purpose for printing them is to scrapbook and tell a story - so as long as i have the original copy, i suppose it would be okay to print them at home
but if i want to frame them, i will always go professional - plus it's more cost effective

(this is just my thoughts, the boy disagrees with me about all of this)


{aprons anyone?}

yes it's true, my poor little etsy shop has been a little neglected.
but it is about to have these lovely aprons added to it!
in my love of all things vintage, i adore aprons.
i especially like the one on the right, so i won't mind if it doesn't sell.. ;-)


{meet ollie}

it's no secret that i don't love animals.
i do however like elephants & lady bugs (giraffes are okay too).
so i am dying over this adorable elephant pin cushion pattern by heather bailey
his name is ollie, i love him already.
if you don't know heather, you should.
she's kind of like a goddess in the sewing world.
her blog found here is always full of great crafty ideas.

this is not the only must have pin cushion (there's also a turtle that's calling my name)
check out her shop here!


another weekend project completed
fill the photo tray i have had sitting around empty for 5 months
it's easy to take the pictures, not easy to get them all developed and displayed
snapshots of our summer trip out west

{tray is from Target, but I searched the website and can't find it on the web}
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