{down on the farm}

Spent thanksgiving at my aunt's house.
and being the huge animal lover that i am, naturally i wanted to go out to the barn. ha
in reality i do love sheep, but not like real ones, just cuddly soft stuffed ones.
anyhow i held a baby lamb, the mom wasn't very happy, but i didn't hurt it or anything
(they were more scared of me than i was of them)
it was kind of a fun new experience.
the babies were really cute bouncing around with lots of energy (that i wish i had right now)
hope you enjoyed the holiday with your family!



5 things i'm thankful for this thanksgiving

1. family {both mine & the boy's}
2. all of the wonderful feedback/interest i've received lately on my photography :-)
3. knowing this is the last thanksgiving i will be worring about finals/semester projects
4. finally making a facebook fan page and having people "become my fan"
5. graduation in may {yeah i'm so excited, i'm thankful for it twice}

happy turkey day!


{christmas is coming}

christmas is coming.
not sure i'm ready for the holdiays
but i did get this cute little ornament at crate & barrel
just couldn't pass him up. too cute.


{the onken family}

had a great time taking this family's christmas photos.
don't mind the messy spacing, blogger can be very frustrating!


finally updated my shop with this flower. {made by my mom.}


sorry for the silence
been so busy around here, haven't had time to upload any of the pictures i've taken recently
hoping to maybe catch up this weekend..but really isn't that what i say every weekend
and there's another test on monday..so probably not.

fall is dissapearing right before our eyes.
i do not like the idea of winter coming soon.

i do enjoy this picture from our last camping trip. the sign look so vintage.
love smokey the bear
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