family photos are priceless
these mean so much to me
(even if my hair is goofy & my brother is missing)
memories forever
book your family photo session with a photographer today. go.


{where oh where have i been}

i've graduated (diploma came in the mail yesterday!)
i've photographed a wedding
i've been on a boat convincing the boy it's fun
i've been discussing the future and what's to come
i've been editing pictures
i've been (unsuccessfully) applying for jobs
i've welcomed back summer with the start of working another waterpark season
i've been wondering how to balance 4 jobs this summer, none of which being what i really want
i've been frustrated not knowing how to gain new interest in my photography
i've been exhausted, hoping to catch up

more pictures to come

*picture taken in Novia Scotia


{etsy update}

slowly but surely i am adding items back into my long lost etsy shop
now featuring a bright colorful handmade apron
& a button bracelet
both new items handmade by my mom and one of a kind


{what i wore week 4}

sweater - Macys
pink ruffled shirt - eddie bauer
jeans- goodwill via target
shoes - goodwill - not sure of brand
watch -fossil
necklace - made by me with fossil charms hanging



i haven't scrapbooked in forever and now that school is over i finally have time

found objects:
buckle - cut off a pair of shoes i threw away
coaster- from outback
old music paper
old ticket



this little girl is such a firecracker
3 years old. lover of dolls. explorer.



love their house in the background.

love it so much.

he got wallets of this pose. good choice. all the girls will want one. ;-)

so proud of this picture. my favorite.

senior 2011.
rensselaer high school

ben loved his first photoshoot so much, he decided to have a second ;-)
he was great to work with, i think we got some awesome shots!



from left to right: claire, chelsea, corienne, collette, coty, & caleb

now say that 5 times fast ;-)

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