{the best job}

i have the best job.
the people i work with are the nicest and i get fun surprises like this.
i feel lucky.



this was my "treat" my mom got me while she is away on vacation
not sure it compares to being on a cruise right now..but it still tastes yummy.
i feel like these were a lot bigger when i was younger.
i am just loving photographing food
the photos are so clean and simple


i got a new lens! and a flash.
now i can take pictures indoors. its awesome.
love the background blur and light that the 85 mm lets in. not liking how heavy it is. ;-)
happy shooting.


hello spring.
i am enjoying you a lot.
sometimes i feel like flower pictures are over-rated because everyone does them.
oh well. it's still pretty.
had a fun weekend of babysitting: blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk drawing, & walks.
bought a new camera lens & flash & can't wait for it to come in the mail.
think i have been asked to do my first wedding.
so excited.



new project :)
(photo taken in really poor lighting, got too dark outside)

i have a confession:
i hate hate hate to string seed beads
sadly they are the look i've been after lately
they really are the best way to divide up spaces between beads...
its just that they end up everywhere BUT on my string...
on the floor, in the carpet, on my desk, in my keyboard.. etc etc.

however, that being said, i am really loving these white necklaces
i keep making more to interchange them
what i should be doing is working on my healthcare paper for school...
but stringing beads is more fun.

also, today is the 100th post, yay for finding 100 things to blog about.


{celebrate easter}

(tape added for design then removed...idea from martha stewart magazine)
(strawberry cake)

(easter sunday)

we colored.
we prayed.
we sang.
we ate.
we searched.
we played.
we laughed.
we remembered.

hope you had a memorable weekend.
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