{my favorite}


{i see you}

wyatt playing in the snow castle set up at the ski resort



{the great ski adventure}

the great ski adventure
was going great
till i got going too fast
and crashed, but at least it was captured, my biggest fall yet
and in the last picture, here comes the rescue guy
which pretended like he was checking on me, but really just yelled at me instead

{snowman in the making}

the making of one giant snowman
now all it needs is a face


we learned about avalanch safety at a ice cream shop
the owner knew a lot
we fired our packs to make sure they worked
i wasnt expecting have to do that
and we had been skiing all day & i had the worst headache
but it was still pretty cool


{winter wonderland}

the snow on the streets just looks prettier here

{geared up & ready to go}

{we love pie}

wyatt insisted he had never had pie before
and he definitely wanted to eat whatever tommy was eating
needless to say, he loved it


time to bake!

santa will be here before we know it
aren't these sugar cookies cute?
wouldn't care to eat them, but fun to photograph!


{sorry for the silence}

sorry for the silence around here folks
this little (BIG) project of mine has been consuming my every thought lately
thought you'd like to see the finished product.
hopefully soon i will be finished with this semester and be back to posting fun pictures regularly
as for this project above, its the design of a corporate office space
i chose the company Fossil
happy wednesday!


"the human spirit needs places where nature
has not been rearranged by the hands of man"

searching for some peace in this stressful & hectic time of the semester.
counting down.
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