Shop Update!

These cute this pin cushions are in the process of being added to my Etsy shop. Aren't they just fabulous? Not too big, not too small and bright colors so it won't get lost!! What a great, inexpensive, handmade gift for an avid sewer, or someone new to sewing. The best part is that each side is different so you can switch it up or use all sides! I love them!


5 Good Things

I don't like it when you have no time to do what you really want to do because you are too busy doing things you don't even want to. This is my story right now which would explain for the lack of blogging. Summer classes have consumed all my time and in return made me a bad blogger. I don't have cool new crafty project so I thought I would share some pictures from the summer so far.

5 Good Things:
Instead of focusing on only the bad, here are 5 GOOD things that have happen recently.
1. Getting a new iMac computer & an ipod touch!
2. Having my sister home for the summer.
3. Beautiful weather on campus with so few people around.
4. Getting an "A" on my English midterm over books I didn't completely read!
5. Coming home & readings all the wonderful blogs of you fellow bloggers.

Happy Wednesday!


All You Need is LOVE

Isn't love all we really need anyways? Does this just make you want to smile. I am super excited with the way it turned out! I've long been an admirer of these triangle banner garlands and a few days ago, I just sat down with my glitter and decided it was time to try it out. I'm tickled pink with the result! It will be so hard to sell it but alas it is for sale in my shop! I already have more in the works though! I would be happy to do custom orders as well if you have a special name or event in mind just send me an email! XOXO


Something Old, Something New

Meet Molly! Molly is my oldest and dearest friend and today she was doing some modeling for me to help display all the "new" old jewelry I have recently created. Searching for old finds and re-creating them into fun new bracelets and necklaces is just so much fun!

This one is a garden/flower theme.

This is my favorite. It has beautiful old religious metals on it. So much old and vintage!

So be sure to check out my Etsy for new creations. Some old ones got re-vamped and made even prettier! My goal is to at least sell enough jewelry to buy a much needed new bike. I'm dreaming of this one from Target! Of course it would need a big basket on the front full of flowers!


Treasure Hunting

My town has a HUGE flea market on the first Sunday of each month. We went for the first time last month when we drove by and noticed all the people. By 2pm it was all closed up and we barely saw any. Apparently you have to go when it's still dark out and use flashlights! That's when the real hunters find all the treasures. So this month we planned to go again AND have a booth. This was twice as great because we could sell and make money while taking turns walking around! It was loads of fun, here's some snap shots of booths full of treasures.

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