oh how i wish i could paint well
i took a class in highschool
its sooooo much harder than it looks
i think this is so lovely
found here


{fall break}

pictures from brown county state park


{long live summer}

bright colors of the jacksonhole, wy fair
(yes i'm just now getting around to editing some pictures from vacation...)


{21 before 22 update}

completed 14 of my 21 items before i turned 22.

of course the hardest things are left.

working on creating a new list, but my list of things to do right now is quite long

time keeps slipping by. i suppose that's how its going to be from now on though.

so many of these things would not have been completed if not for the boy

it was a fun year, and i didn't even start this in october last time

so i look forward to starting a new list and getting a full year to complete it

its better than new year resolutions.

{megan & aj}

my sister and her boy

taken on iu's campus


snapshots from my birthday dinner before we went out with friends.
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