{taking a break}

sorry folks but we need to take a break
from our regularly scheduled updates in order to graduate

that's right, just 3 days of going to class (one week left)
a lot of loose ends, tests, and projects to finish in this time

i'll be back blogging at you again soon!


{one year}

one year with this boy
we visited 9 states together
we went on 5 or 6 camping trips
we climbed mountains & rode bikes down mountains
we photographed 5 clients together
& liked each other {almost} the whole time.

happy weekend!


{what i wore week 3}

sweater: american eagle
tank top: gap


{what i've been up to}

6 more days of class

4 weeks till graduation

trying to find a job

handmaking envelopes & designing a portfolio

the end is near

the pressure is on


{windows down}

this little guy thinks its the best thing in the world to ride with the window down
he keeps his little hand perched on the window the whole time
loves to point out the "city bus", trains, "yellow bus" over and over and over...
i just wanted to capture this little detail of everyday life
(no i was not driving while taking this picture, we were stopped)

it was also about 70 degrees this day, way too warm for a stocking cap
but he wanted to wear "cars hat, cars hat" and i didn't want to argue over it so i let him win

have a lovely weekend!


{what i wore week 2}

dress: target brand via goodwill
leggings: forever 21 {hate them, itchy, & had holes first day}
sweater: kohls



the boy doesn't believe in giving flowers
but "potted plants" he can do..
aren't these pretty?


{well hung}

i make a lot of jewelry
i dont wear the jewelry unless its out and the open and i see it
storing all of this jewelry is sometimes a challenge
i'm loving this coat hanger turned jewelry holder
(no not alllll of that jewelry is mine, the black holder is my moms & white is mine)
(mine is at a funny angle that is hard to take a picture of)
keeps everything in plain sight and tangle free
of course i also hang some in other random places like on my inspiration board