one day left to complete my goal of 12 miles in 7 days.

87% of the way complete.

i think i can. i think i can.



eventually i'm going to have really exciting things to post on here about my life

& eventually i will have a successful business

& eventually i will know what i want to accomplish in my life, instead of wanting so many different things.

& eventually i will know how to use my camera to it's full potential.

& eventually i will make all the pretty things that i have in my mind to make.

& eventually i will be able to run without it feeling like torture & wanting to stop every 5 steps.

& eventually i will confidently know where i am headed

& eventually there won't be a need to worry

& i will accomplish everything on my list.

but in the meantime... i will work towards patience.

have a lovely long weekend.


"think happy. be happy."
rode bikes to this display of wildflowers.

so pretty.


{bits & pieces)

working on new collages to add to my shop.

stay tuned.


{motivation monday}

i've been running.

i hate running.

a lot.

always have. probably always will.

in elementary school, i always forgot and wore a dress or skirt on gym days.

in middle school i dreaded running around the gym on "mile run days"

in high school, we barely had P.E. so that was a good thing.

so i thought if i got some motivation ..a.k.a. this watch that tells me my progress it would be rewarding to run.

so far it's working.

i've ran 6.72 miles in 3 days.

that's a lot for a person that never runs.

i do it in the morning so its cool and gets the worst part out of the day out of the way.

hopefully i can keep it up.

because really, 20 minutes of my life is not that much to give up to be healthier.

i just hope it gets easier.

{shop update}

added some new items to my shop this weekend.

find them here.



{colors of summer}

colors of summer.

cheeseburgers on the grill.

uniforms for working here.

journals from this artist i love & necklace made by me.

have a lovely weekend.


{happy birthday}

happy birthday mom!

without you, who would tell me about all the errors i make on my blog?

can't wait to ride bikes together!

love you.


{ you know what's awesome? }

1. google reader- it's going to change my life. seriously. it's a little overwhelming really. i read a lot of blogs.

2. having 4 jobs - no not really that cool, but busy.

3. finding a charm you really have been looking everywhere for and finding it on the clearance pile at michael's. awesome.

4. surprises.

5. not having to come home at night & do homework.

6. the movie - the blind side - i know everyone else watched it when it came out but i just saw it & sandra bullock is pretty much my hero - (in that movie anyways)

7. driving my mom crazy by saying "anyways" instead of "anyway"

8. picking fresh peonies.

9. doing things for others when they don't expect it.

10. feeling pretty today.

11. rain & gloom a million days in a row...no that's the opposite of awesome.

12. setting goals to achieve dreams.

13. free underwear - enough said.

14. german chocolate cake.

15. you reading this post.

have a lovely day.


{me & you}

me & you.
every mile a memory.
so happy to know you.
so happy to be celebrating today.
so happy to keep the adventures coming.
so happy.


{grandma's jewels}

love this necklace created from pieces of old jewelry
features 6 types of pearls
pretty much you can wear it with anything pink because it combines all shades
find it here



i've noticed people have been wearing wishbones as neckalces
i really like them but i wanted to make it unique
so i stamped this disc with the word "wish" to hand with the charm
for sale on my big cartel


{BIg Cartel}

there is a new shop hosting site on the block that i am seeing a lot of etsy users switch to
so i thought i'd give it a try, (no worries my etsy shop is still open too)
so far i think i am liking big cartel better!
for a couple reasons:
1. it's one flat rate a month & they take none of your profit. love that.
2. it's soooo much faster to list an item - only one picture. love that.
3. i can alter my shops appearance to make it custom to me.

i am only concerned with people being able to "find me" ...doesn't seem like there is much of a browse features to search for shops like on etsy...still learning though.

here's the link - http://lovelindsey.bigcartel.com/


{shop update}

Check out the new necklaces here.

{fly a kite}

i had been really wanting to fly a kite.
so he bought me 2 at walmart.
the one dollar one fared better than the 4 dollar one surprisingly.
it was harder than we remembered.
maybe as kids it doesn't seem like the kite is always on the ground.
lots of fun though.
go fly a kite...

photos by the boy


everyday should be mother's day
can't celebrate them enough.
thank you.



almost finished.
1 exam stands between me & summer.
50 questions.
1 weekend of freedom before job #2 begins.
I should make a goal of how many books to read at job #2 this summer...
waited all week to spend time with the boy...hoping that happens tomorrow after that final...
so ready for summer to begin.
if I could just focus for one more night of studying...
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