Playing Catch-up

This is what I should be doing, since Spanish class starts in 15 minutes... but I would much rather blog than learn about saying disease names in Spanish!

My family is currently in the juggle of moving between two houses. Here's a shot of our new house... in desperate need of some pretty flowers I'd say. Seventeen years worth of stuff takes many weekend trips back and forth. Luckily my mom and I will share a much bigger and better studio in the basement. I'll post some pictures once the boxes find a home. So between moving and homework, not much time has been left to create and blog. Never the less I do have more treasures to add to Etsy, if I could find the time!

Here's a sneak peek of the yummy cupcake containers my mom recently made. The top lifts off so you can store all your treasures inside!


No wonder I love Valentine's Day..

Valentine's is probably my favorite holiday... and it's no wonder why! I just LOVE all the pink everywhere. Hit up Target this morning as soon as they opened and scored some sweet treats 50% off. I just can't get enough of that little crocodile, he is so adorable. I couldn't resist taking a shot of my mixer and matching utensils since it fits in perfectly this time of year! Would you believe this is the first time I've ever had it out of the box?? There is just no place to even take a good picture of it in this tiny little apartment. I hope you all had a SWEET day! <3


goodbye for now but not forever...

This weekend took a turn for the worst when I heard the news that my dear friend and ex, who is in the service, found out Saturday he starts pre-deployment for Iraq on Monday. A few short weeks in Georgia and he is over seas till December. This came as such a shock and since it's a "we need you now" thing he will be going as infantry instead of intelligence. He has not left my thoughts all weekend. Please keep him in your prayers while he is gone. My thoughts and prayers are always with those over seas but knowing someone and being directly involved puts it's all into a total new perspective. We must be strong and support our troops and remember it's only goodbye for now friend, not forever.


Wishful Thinking...

wish, originally uploaded by littlemisscupcakeprincess.

My wishes...

1. to become a well known name in the art world.

2. to become more educated about photography and proper lighting and actually learn how to use my professional camera.

3. to be successful in completing this semester and achieving a degree in interior design

4. to become successful in selling art on etsy and one day even hopefully opening a little shop.

I see what Andrea from One Hundred Wishes has accomplished and it inspires me so much. Blogs give me so much hope and drive to want to become better.

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