Wishful Thinking...

wish, originally uploaded by littlemisscupcakeprincess.

My wishes...

1. to become a well known name in the art world.

2. to become more educated about photography and proper lighting and actually learn how to use my professional camera.

3. to be successful in completing this semester and achieving a degree in interior design

4. to become successful in selling art on etsy and one day even hopefully opening a little shop.

I see what Andrea from One Hundred Wishes has accomplished and it inspires me so much. Blogs give me so much hope and drive to want to become better.


cindi said...

Don't be discouraged Little Miss Cupcake Princess!!! It all takes time... If you don't mind I'll be checking back to see how your progressing. ;)

Jessyca said...

hey! its jessyca- i got this off etsy and was just curious but i will teach you to use your camera sometime soon!!! hope ur doin well